Patient Information

When you are referred to WCCA, your records will be reviewed by a clinician. You will be assigned to a provider within our practice who can see you in the appropriate timeframe based on your diagnosis and review of your records. Special requests, such as requesting a female physician or requesting a specific provider, will be considered when reviewing your records and prior to booking your initial consultation appointment.

Once you have had a consultation appointment with a physician in our group, that physician will guide your care and treatment. You may see other physicians or nurse practitioners within our group from time to time. Our providers collaborate on patient care, but your assigned physician will continue to oversee your care while you are a patient with the practice.

Our goal is to provide the best possible care for all our patients. While we encourage our patients to seek second opinions, they must be performed outside of the practice. After that initial consultation, we do not transfer patients between providers within WCCA.

Patients must be referred by their primary care provider (PCP), OB/GYN, or other specialist. Due to the nature of our specialty, self referrals are not accepted.

Please read  Your Initial Visit for more information on what to expect. 

New Patient Forms

New patients should review the Notice of Privacy Practices.  Please print out and complete the last four (4) forms in this section and bring to your appointment.

Other Forms and Information