Clinical Trials and Research

The advancements in cancer treatments result from researching new drugs through clinical trials. Clinical oncology trials are human research studies conducted with volunteers who participate in the testing of new therapies or new combinations of known chemotherapy agents.

Patients who choose to enroll in clinical trials are among the first to receive these newer therapies.

WCCA is the only practice in the area solely dedicated to the treatment of gynecologic malignancies. We participate in Phase II and Phase III clinical trials for those diseases.

The WCCA Clinical Research Program, through our affiliation with NRG Oncology (an NCI funded cooperative group), can offer our patients access to clinical trials while they remain closer to home. WCCA also participates in pharmaceutical sponsored trials in order to provide our patients with the possible benefits from the latest therapies, as well as the opportunity to help the advancement of cancer treatments.


Click here for a handy Clinical Trials glossary.