Referring Providers

Our practice accepts patients based on provider referral only.

If you have a patient to refer, please contact our office at (518) 458-1390.  Our intake staff will be happy to take the patient information and advise what specific medical records are required for review.  Our fax number is (518) 694-8872.

Our providers will review the records, and our staff will contact the patient with an appropriate appointment.

Based on the reason for referral, we will need the following records:

All new patients:  most recent office note, patient demographics, copy of                                                insurance card

Pelvic Mass/Ovarian Cyst/Ovarian Cancer    

  • Recent Imaging - Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI
  • Recent CA125
  • Omental Biopsy/Paracentesis results

Cervical Cancer

  • Recent Pap/HPV
  • Cervical Biopsy results
  • Recent imaging if available

Cervical Dysplasia/CIN/Abnormal Pap

  • Last three Pap/HPV results
  • Cervical Biopsy results, if performed
  • LEEP/Cone Biopsy Operative report and Pathology, if performed

Endometrial Cancer/Hyperplasia/Fibroids

  • Endometrial Biopsy
  • Recent Ultrasound
  • Recent Pap 
  • D&C Operative Report and pathology if performed

VAIN/Vaginal Cancer or Mass

  • Vaginal Biopsy Results
  • Most recent Pap/HPV

VIN/Vulvar Cancer or Mass/Lichen Sclerosis

  • Vulvar Biopsy Results
  • Most recent Pap/HPV

BRCA/Family or Personal History Cancer

  • Genetic testing results