Thankful Living Survivor Program

Our annual Thankful Living program for  2018 is "Back to the New Normal - Living with the Aftermath of Cancer Treatment!"  Surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and all manner of treatments affect us in complex and unexpected ways. When treatment is over, we want to return to normal life but our bodies, minds and emotions sometimes have other ideas. Our presenters, Cheryl Syta, NP, Jacqueline Dorn, LMSW and Cicely Wang, RN, Patient Advocate,  are uniquely qualified to address these issues from medical, psychological and finacial perspectives. If you have experienced, long term medical side effects, changes in your personal/family life and/or financial difficulties resulting from your treatment, there will be much to learn by attending. This program, to benefit the Capital Region Cancer Care Consortium Charitable Giving Fund, is offered at no charge thanks to sponsorship from the Oncology Nurses Society, the Nancy B. Clemente Cancer Fund and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Source: Thankful Living